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GD Dorigo

Internal Doors Gd Dorigo PEGASO Quartz GD DORIGO

Internal Doors Gd Dorigo PEGASO Quartz GD DORIGO

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Internal Doors Gd Dorigo PEGASO

There Internal Door Gd Dorigo PEGASO it is a design element that combines elegance and functionality. This door, part of the Pegaso collection by Gd Dorigo, is characterized by a minimalist design which makes it suitable for both classic and modern environments.

Main features:

  • Design : Minimal
  • Material : Plantext laminate
  • Finish : Wood color with glass inserts, smooth or matrix
  • Opening : Reversible system left and right

The Pegaso collection of internal doors by Gd Dorigo combines minimalist design with innovative systems. The feature that makes it unique is the "reversible" system, which allows opening from both directions, both from the right and from the left, as the door is universal. The surfaces of the Pegaso line can be smooth or with a matrix effect, pleasant to the touch, unique and original.

This door is among the economical internal doors without neglecting quality and robustness. The special laminate with which they are covered is the result of research and innovation: Plantext. A particularly versatile, beautiful, resistant and functional material: it is not afraid of humidity because it has no joints, and it also allows for a surface that is particularly resistant to impacts, abrasions and scratches.

There Internal Door Gd Dorigo PEGASO it is the ideal choice for those looking for a piece of furniture that can enrich the environment with a touch of class and refinement, while maintaining a clean and simple design. With its wood-coloured finish with glass inserts, this door is able to adapt to any furnishing style, making every environment unique and welcoming.

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