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TAPS 2105 SR =DIN2181 - UNF 7/16" SP.20 21057-16

TAPS 2105 SR =DIN2181 - UNF 7/16" SP.20 21057-16

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HSS UNF Manual Taps 7/16" SP.20 - 2105 Series

Technical features:

  • Standard : DIN 2184-2
  • Dimensions : n°4-1,1/2"
  • Material : HSS (High Speed ​​Steel)
  • Coating/Finish : Glossy
  • Description : Set of 2 pieces

Product Description: The 2105 series manual taps are made of high speed steel (HSS) and comply with DIN 2184-2. With sizes of #4-1.1/2" and a bright finish, these taps are ideal for precision hand threading. The series includes two pieces, perfect for a variety of industrial and shop applications.

Applications: Ideal for creating 7/16" UNF internal threads with 20 pitch, these hand taps are suitable for use on materials such as mild steel, structural steel and carbon steel.

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