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Torx® 235 1/2 MTX USAG Machine Socket Wrench

Torx® 235 1/2 MTX USAG Machine Socket Wrench

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Torx® 235 1/2 MTX USAG Machine Socket Wrench

The Torx® 235 1/2 MTX machine socket wrench is a high-precision tool compliant with ISO 1174-2, designed for use with Torx® socket screws and bolts. Made of special high-alloy Chrome Molybdenum steel, this socket wrench offers superior strength and durability.

Main features:

  • Material: Special Chrome Molybdenum steel
  • Finish: Phosphated for added corrosion protection
  • Compatibility: Ideal for Torx® screws and bolts
  • Accessories: Use with retaining pin 235 MCA/4 (U02350204Q) and circlip 235 MDA/4 (U02350224Q) for sizes E10 to E24


  • Durability: High quality steel ensures a long service life of the tool.
  • Precision: Compliance with ISO standards ensures precise and secure coupling with screws.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications where tamper-proof security of Torx® screws is required.

This tool is essential for those seeking maximum efficiency and safety in their daily work. Its sturdy construction and quality finish make it a durable investment for any professional toolbox.

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