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Abrasive Discs HermesMultiNet MN 921 Velor 125mm 50pcs P240-800 50 Pcs

Abrasive Discs HermesMultiNet MN 921 Velor 125mm 50pcs P240-800 50 Pcs

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The Hermes MultiNet MN 921 Velor Backed sanding discs, with a diameter of 125 mm, are ideal for dust-free sanding of materials that tend to clog quickly. Each pack contains 50 pieces of high-quality sanding discs, designed to significantly improve surface quality and abrasive life.

The mesh structure of the MultiNet discs allows dust extraction from all areas, ensuring optimal working conditions and economical sanding. These discs are extremely edge-stable and easy to handle, as no hole patterns need to be aligned when changing discs.

Main features:

  • Diameter: 125mm
  • Packaging: 50 pieces
  • Backing: Abrasive mesh, velour-backed
  • Available grits: P240, P320, P400 - P800
  • Abrasive grain: Aluminum oxide
  • Binder: Resin


  • Sanding of soft and high-clogging materials (primer, putty)
  • Sanding of special metals (aluminium, zinc) and composite materials such as carbon and fibreglass
  • Dry sanding with random orbital sanders
  • General treatment of defects


  • Dust extraction over the entire surface, prolonging the useful life of the abrasive
  • MultiNet structure for dust-free sanding and optimal working conditions
  • Workpiece surface always visible for quick and precise control of the final results
  • Universal applicability: for sanding by hand or with random orbital sanders, both dry and wet
  • High edge stability
  • Easy disc change with no need to align hole patterns

Choose MultiNet MN 921 Velor Backed sanding discs to achieve professional results and a flawless finish.

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