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Abrasive Discs Hermes D125 F8 Aluminum Oxide 60-500 Pcs 100

Abrasive Discs Hermes D125 F8 Aluminum Oxide 60-500 Pcs 100

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Hermes D 125 F 8 sanding discs are made of aluminum oxide, flexible and tear-resistant, with an additional coating of active ingredient. These discs are designed to offer excellent adaptability in contour sanding, thanks to the flexible and tear-resistant paper backing.

The open grain coating and optimized Longlife coating ensure low clogging behavior, making them particularly suitable for processing aluminum structures such as body parts, moldings, aluminum sheets, motorcycle tanks and die-cast crankcases.

Product advantages:

  • Flexible, tear-resistant paper backing for excellent adaptability
  • Open grain and Longlife coating for low clogging
  • Ideal for aluminum structures and other specific applications
  • Greater durability and surface quality with MULTIHOLE dust extraction system
  • Optimal dust extraction with MULTIHOLE discs and MULTIFLOW pad


  • Bodywork: highlighting defects, manual sanding and rectification of defects with angle grinders
  • Furniture: fine sanding of furniture parts by hand or with hand sanders

Technical features:

  • Type: VC 151-Longlife, with velvet backing
  • Grain: Aluminum oxide
  • Bond: Synthetic resin, with active ingredient coating
  • Support: C paper, velvet backed
  • Cover: Open
  • Grit range: 60/80/100/120/150/180/220/240/320/360/400/500

Choose Hermes D 125 F 8 abrasive discs to obtain professional results and an impeccable finish.

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