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MIRKA Coarse Cut Abrasive Discs D.150 9F

MIRKA Coarse Cut Abrasive Discs D.150 9F

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THE MIRKA Coarse Cut Abrasive Discs with diameter of 150mm And 8 holes (8F) are designed to provide a superior sanding experience. Available in a range of grits ranging from P40 to P3000 , these discs are suitable for all stages of the sanding process, from coarse removal to ultra-fine finishing.


  • Wide range of grits: To satisfy every sanding need.
  • Optimized design: The 8 holes facilitate dust extraction and reduce clogging.
  • MIRKA quality: Guarantee of durability and constant performance.

These discs are ideal for those looking for high-quality sanding results in various industries, including automotive, marine and woodworking.

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