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Wilkerson particulate filter F18-C2-SL00-X 1/4'' BSPP FILTER

Wilkerson particulate filter F18-C2-SL00-X 1/4'' BSPP FILTER

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Wilkerson F18-C2-SL00-X Particulate Filter

Product Description: The Wilkerson F18-C2-SL00-X particle filter is designed to provide high-quality filtration in pneumatic systems. With a flow capacity of 160 SCFM and a filtration level of 5μm, this filter is ideal for protecting components and instruments from harmful contaminants.

Technical features:

  • Part Name : Particulate Filter
  • Port Size : 1/2 BSPP (G), for a standardized and secure connection.
  • Flow (SCFM) : 160, to ensure adequate air flow.
  • Filtration level (micron) : 5μm, to capture fine particles and improve air quality.
  • Tank material : metal tank with level indicator, for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Drain type : Manual, for direct and simple control of drainage.
  • Filter change sensor : no indicator, for a more compact and less complex design.


  • Efficiency : Designed to maximize air purity and reduce the risk of instrument failure.
  • Durability : Made of high-quality materials for long operating life.
  • Simple maintenance : easy access for filter replacement and cleaning.

Applications: This filter is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications, including automation systems, pneumatic equipment and manufacturing processes that require clean, particle-free air.

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