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Rupes iBrid Nano HR81M Bigfoot Polisher "Excluding Battery Charger"

Rupes iBrid Nano HR81M Bigfoot Polisher "Excluding Battery Charger"

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Rupes iBrid Nano HR81M Bigfoot polisher: Versatility and Innovation

Product Description: The Rupes iBrid Nano HR81M Bigfoot polisher is a jewel of technology and design, designed to offer maximum versatility and high-level performance. This tool, which can be used both on battery power and connected to the mains, represents a cutting-edge solution for all detailing professionals.

Technical features:

  • Power Mode : Works as both a corded and battery-powered tool for unmatched flexibility.
  • Configurable Functional Movements :
    • 3 mm Random Orbital : For a flawless finish on small surfaces.
    • 12mm Random Orbital : Ideal for polishing and sanding work on larger areas.
    • Rotary : To remove imperfections and scratches with precision and power.
  • Accessories : Wide range of support plates and brushes to adapt to every polishing, sanding and cleaning need.
  • Compact Design : All-in-one system easy to handle and use, even in confined spaces.

Available Kits:

  • Machine Only : Includes a battery to ensure immediate operation (charger not included).


  • Versatility : Suitable for a variety of surfaces and materials, for professional results in every situation.
  • Ergonomics : Compact and lightweight design that reduces fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Innovation : Latest generation technology that guarantees efficiency and energy saving.
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