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Ineco extra short series ground black opposing helix tips

Ineco extra short series ground black opposing helix tips

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Our black ground twist drills are precision tools designed for high quality drilling. With an opposed helix design and made of HSS-G, these drills provide excellent results on alloy steels, cast irons and a wide range of materials up to a strength of 800 N/mm².


  • Material: High Speed ​​Steel (HSS-G) for durability and strength.
  • Opposed Helix: Improves chip removal and reduces heat.
  • Split Points: For precise, burr-free drilling.
  • Sharpening: 130° for rapid penetration and less advancement effort.
  • Propeller W: 27° to optimize chip removal.
  • Rectified: High quality finish for consistent precision.
  • Regulations: Complies with DIN 1897.


  • Precision: Ideal for processes that require tight tolerances.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of materials, including those with high strength.
  • Extra Short Design: Perfect for tight spaces and deep punctures.

These drill bits are the ideal choice for professionals looking for reliability and precision in their drilling operations. Buy now to take your workshop to the next level!

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