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TS 3000V Geze Overhead door closer for swing doors up to 1100 mm BROWN

TS 3000V Geze Overhead door closer for swing doors up to 1100 mm BROWN

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Geze TS 3000 V Overhead Door Closer - Safety and Versatility for Every Environment

The Geze TS 3000 V overhead door closer represents the ideal solution to guarantee the safe and controlled closing of doors. With its ability to fit doors with leaf widths up to 1100mm, it is perfect for environments requiring high safety standards, such as fire and smoke doors.

Technical features:

  • Closing Force : Continuously adjustable EN 1-4, to adapt to different needs and door weights.
  • Versatility : Can be used for left and right hinged doors without the need for reversal.
  • Hydraulic limit switch : Ensures smooth and accelerated closing just before complete closing.
  • Speed ​​Adjustment : The closing speed is individually settable for optimal control.

Installation and Functionality:

  • Opening Angle : Up to 180° for maximum accessibility.
  • Flexible Installation : On the door and on the frame, both on the hinge side and on the opposite side.
  • Availability Colors : Silver (art. 028348) and Black (art. 119583), to integrate with any furnishing style.
  • Sled Arm : Black (art. 076490), for smooth and silent movement.

The Geze TS 3000 V door closer is the quality choice for those seeking reliability and high performance.

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